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Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles use more than one source to generate power: a combination of a classic gasoline engine and an electric battery. These vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years, for good reason.

There are tons of reasons why countless drivers opt for hybrid vehicles. Here is a short list of just a few of the benefits of driving a hybrid car:

You will radically reduce your fuel consumption. Most hybrid vehicles can drive a significant distance on their secondary source of fuel alone, meaning you won't have to consume as much gasoline.
You will save money in the long run. This difference in fuel consumption translates to enormous savings. Imagine having to fill up on gasoline perhaps once every two weeks instead of on a weekly basis. If your car can run on electricity, money wasted on gasoline is a problem of the past.
You can take advantage of several government benefits. The IRS offers a Clean Fuel Vehicle Tax Deduction that allows you to take a significant chunk of cash out of your federal taxes, saving you even more money.
You will reduce your impact on the environment. By driving a hybrid vehicle, you will be radically reducing the amount of harmful emissions you personally would have otherwise contributed. In fact, hybrid technology is rapidly approaching the technological level of producing almost no emissions at all.

If you have any questions about hybrid vehicles - or perhaps if you would like to check one out for yourself, maybe even taking one on a test drive - come pay us a visit any time at INFINITI of Easton.


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