Seeing a warning light appear on the dashboard of your vehicle is never a great feeling. Fortunately, having the knowledge of exactly what symbol means can help you avoid potential worry, panic, or even overreaction. A good rule of thumb is to treat each color of dashboard warning lights just like you would a stoplight.

INFINITI of Easton has assembled this informative guide that will provide you with a better understanding of exactly what an INFINITI dashboard warning light means.

Green (or Blue) Icon — Keep driving without worry. This is purely an informational alert that should not interfere with routine driving.

Yellow (or Orange) Icon — This means you should exercise some caution. It could be a sign of a problem that should be dealt with at your earliest convenience but doesn’t require you to immediately stop driving.

Red Icon — Stop driving as soon as it’s safe to possibly do so. Pullover and shut off the engine. A red warning light means that you have a serious problem and you should call for assistance.

What Do The Dashboard Warning Lights Mean on Your INFINITI?

brake system failureBrake System Failure - You may have a potential failure in your brake system. If you’re driving and this symbol appears, we recommend that you pull safely off the road and call roadside assistance to tow your vehicle to the nearest authorized INFINITI dealership for repair.
parking brake engagedParking Brake Engaged - Your parking brake is engaged. Make sure to switch it off before driving.
low oil pressureLow Oil Pressure - Check your oil level to ensure it’s within the recommended threshold. There may also be a problem with your oil pressure sensor. Low oil pressure can lead to serious damage to internal engine components due to the loss of lubrication. When safe to do so, call roadside assistance and have the vehicle towed to the dealership.
charging systemCharging System - Charging system fault or failure. Without electrical power, your vehicle can shut off and leave you stranded. Locate a safe area to pull over, park the vehicle, and call for roadside assistance immediately.
Supplemental Restraint SystemSupplemental Restraint System - An SRS fault indicates a potential problem with your airbags, causing them to fail to deploy in the event of a collision. Do not drive your vehicle. Call for roadside assistance and have your vehicle towed to the dealership for inspection.
High Coolant TemperatureHigh Coolant Temperature - Your vehicle is overheating. Shut off the engine and pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so.
Seatbelt ReminderSeatbelt Reminder - Until your seat belt is fastened, this indicator light will remain on the dashboard. Buckle up!
Door AjarDoor Ajar - One of the vehicle’s doors is open or not fully closed.
Trunk OpenTrunk Open - Your trunk is open.
Adaptive Cruise ControlAdaptive Cruise Control - The Adaptive Cruise Control feature is activated and engaged. Exercise normal caution as you would when driving normally.
All-Wheel-DriveAll-Wheel-Drive - Your all-wheel drive system is active. Power is being distributed to all four wheels.
Anti-Lock Brake SystemAnti-Lock Brake System - If there’s a fault within the ABS system, this warning light typically appears alongside the brake warning light.
Auto Idle StopAuto Idle Stop - Auto Idle Stop temporarily shuts off your engine to save fuel and reduce emissions. This light indicates that the system is engaged and working properly.
Blind Spot WarningBlind Spot Warning - A vehicle has entered your blind spot and the system has issued an alert. Use extra caution when changing lanes.
Check Engine LightCheck Engine Light - While this light may indicate a variety of different issues, it appears when the onboard diagnostics system has detected a problem with your vehicle’s emissions, ignition, fuel, or exhaust systems. It’s a smart idea to bring your vehicle in for service.
Collision Mitigation Braking SystemCollision Mitigation Braking System - Your CMBS has activated and responded to a potential collision.
Daytime Running LightsDaytime Running Lights - This typically indicates that one of your DRL bulbs has malfunctioned or is burnt out and requires replacement.
Electric Power SteeringElectric Power Steering - There’s a problem with your power steering system. Have the vehicle serviced soon.
Lane Keeping Assist SystemLane Keeping Assist System - Your LKAS system is active, detected that your vehicle had begun to drift out of its intended lane position, and took corrective action. Use caution.
Low FuelLow Fuel - Your vehicle is low on fuel. Stop and refuel as soon as possible.
Maintenance ReminderMaintenance Reminder - This is a helpful reminder that your vehicle is due for scheduled routine maintenance. It’s time to schedule a service appointment with your INFINITI dealership.
Road Departure MitigationRoad Departure Mitigation - The RDM system has detected that your vehicle has left the road surface and took corrective action. Use caution.
Smart Entry SystemSmart Entry System - This is a sign that the smart entry system has experienced a problem. Some likely causes are a low/dead keyfob battery or a problem detecting the remote. See your dealer for further diagnosis.
System NotificationSystem Notification - Check our vehicle’s information display located in the gauge cluster for additional information.
Vehicle Stability Assist SystemVehicle Stability Assist System - The VSA system has activated due to a loss of traction or there’s a fault in the system.
Washer Fluid Level LowWasher Fluid Level Low - Add additional windshield washer fluid to your vehicle’s reservoir under the hood.
Automatic High Beam HeadlightsAutomatic High Beam Headlights - Your high beam headlights are being automatically controlled.
Cruise ControlCruise Control - Cruise control is engaged and your vehicle is maintaining its pre-set speed. Use the same caution you normally would while driving.
Exterior LightsExterior Lights - Your exterior lights are switched on. Be sure to turn them off when they’re not needed to save potential battery drain.
Fog Lights OnFog Lights - The vehicle’s fog lights are switched on.
Low Coolant TemperatureLow Coolant Temperature - Typically, you’ll see this light appear when you first start your vehicle. It means that your engine coolant has not reached the recommended operating temperature yet. Avoid heavy acceleration until normal operating temperature has been reached.
Turn SignalsTurn Signals - Your turn signals are activated.

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