One of the most important aspects of vehicle ownership is staying on top of routine maintenance and service. Your INFINITI was engineered and built to exacting standards in order to deliver years of reliable performance. Taking care of your vehicle is the best way to ensure that it will return the favor and take care of you.

The best way to ensure that your INFINITI vehicle receives the highest levels of attention and care is to have it serviced at an authorized dealership like INFINITI of Easton. Why service your INFINITI at the dealership? Our team of service experts has assembled this quick guide that explains all of the benefits and advantages that come from serving your vehicle at an INFINITI dealership.

INFINITI Technician

Factory-Trained INFINITI Technicians

When you visit an authorized INFINITI dealership for maintenance, service, or repairs -- your vehicle will receive expert attention from the most highly-skilled technicians in the industry. In fact, our team of factory-certified technicians has undergone extensive training and earned multiple certifications from the manufacturer. Their hands-on expertise and knowledge of the INFINITI brand means that they know your vehicle inside and out, better than anyone else. Why trust your INFINITI with just any mechanic? Instead, visit our team of expert technicians here at INFINITI of Easton.

Fully-Equipped Service Facility

Next up on our list of advantages, only an authorized INFINITI service center will have access to the latest diagnostic tools and specialized repair equipment. Especially important for communicating with the advanced electrical and computer systems found inside your INFINITI, we have the necessary tools and software to accurately diagnose and correct any potential problems. Our fully modernized service facility makes INFINITI of Easton your top destination for all of your maintenance and service needs.

INFINITI QX80 Technician

Genuine INFINITI Parts & Components

Rather than settling for the questionable quality and longevity of inferior aftermarket parts and components, INFINITI of Easton is proud to carry an extensive range of Genuine INFINITI Parts and Accessories. Designed to meet or exceed the original specifications of your vehicle, Genuine INFINITI Parts are designed to deliver years of reliable performance along with long-lasting quality. If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your vehicle, INFINITI Accessories offer an exact fit along with the confidence of additional warranty protection (see dealer for complete details).

INFINITI of Easton Service Lounge

Service Lounge & Amenities

When you service your vehicle at INFINITI of Easton, you’ll have access to an extensive range of complimentary amenities inside of our luxurious service lounge. Available refreshments include fresh pastries, premium coffee, and other snacks. Since it’s always a rewarding feeling when you drive a clean car, your service visit also includes a complimentary wash and interior vacuum (weather permitting). Have an appointment that you just can’t miss? Our available shuttle service can help you get where you need to be while your vehicle is in for service. We’re also proud to offer a fleet of INFINITI Courtesy Vehicles to our service clients as well (based on availability, see advisor for details).

INFINITI Service Facility

Digital Service Records & Warranty/Recall Eligibility

Another advantage of trusting only an authorized INFINITI service center is the fact that you’ll have access to a digital copy of your vehicle’s service history. These digital reports feature detailed records of all maintenance and other work performed. Better still, if your INFINITI is still under warranty this means that any potential warranty claims or eligible recalls will have fully documented support. Having detailed maintenance records is also a great way to boost resale value.

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